New exploration shows how you converse with your high schooler about safe driving can influence the probability of your high schooler having a disastrous accident

Vehicle crashes stay the No. 1 reason for death among youngsters; but numerous high schooler driver-related wounds and passings are preventable. This year, as a component of Public High schooler Driver Wellbeing Week (NTDSW), Oct. 18-24, We have a significant message to impart to Scottsdale guardians: how you converse with your youngsters about safe driving can fundamentally influence the probability of your high schooler having a shocking accident.

In 2007, 183 individuals were killed in crashes including youngster drivers in Arizona. Beginning around 2005, Arizona crashes including adolescent drivers have asserted 1044 lives. On a public level, beginning around 1999, very nearly 78,000 individuals have been killed in crashes including youngster drivers. October found the middle value of the greatest number of high schooler vehicle crashes and on normal the quantity of 16-and 17-year-old driver claims including injury or impact increments almost 20% in October when contrasted with different months.

On October 23, 2009 during the Coronado/Tempe Secondary School football match-up, specialist Satisfaction Estes, related to the Scottsdale Police Office, will hold a youngster driver wellbeing fair. The Scottsdale PD’s accident vehicle as well as shows and different exercises will occur. Members will be presented to an abundance of data basic to planning teenagers for driving as well as data for youngsters currently out and about.

The Kids’ Emergency clinic of Philadelphia framed the Youthful Driver Exploration Drive (YDRI) to lessen high schooler driver passings through logical examination. Another review in light of the Public Youthful Driver Overview of in excess of 5,500 young people uncovered that the manner in which guardians impart to their teenagers about safe driving can unequivocally impact their adolescents’ probability of a fender bender.

The review, Driving: Through the Eyes of Teenagers: A More critical Look, uncovered that youngsters who said their folks set clear principles, focused 운전연수 on whom they were with and where they were going, and did as such in a steady way were:

* Half as prone to crash

* Two times as prone to wear safety belts

* 71% more averse to drive while inebriated

* 30% less inclined to utilize a cell while driving

The concentrate additionally uncovered:

* Guardians should be certain their teenagers get something like 50 hours of directed practice under a wide assortment of conditions while figuring out how to drive.

* Restricting essential admittance to vehicles during the initial 6 to a year of driving is significant. Teenagers who are the principal driver of a vehicle are over two times as liable to report having been in an accident than youngsters who share a vehicle with a relative.