Usually the best surgeons would have a board certification. This means that they have undergone additional training in some particular procedure. Also ask the doctor if he is having any professional membership. Ensure that the surgeon is licensed to perform the particular surgery.

>> The training and medical experience of the plastic surgeon should be verified

Finding out the experience of the surgeon is very important. Ask the surgeon about his experience in providing the procedure that you are planning to undergo. The more experienced the surgeon, the better aesthetic results you get to enjoy.

>> Take recommendations from friends about their plastic surgeons

A great way to get information about a plastic surgeon in New York City is to ask friends who have already got a body contouring procedure done επεμβάσεις by a plastic surgeon. However, there would be differences in experiences depending on the type of procedure that is chosen. If a friend has gone for rhinoplasty and you are going for a facelift, then his/her recommendation would not help much.

>> Take a second opinion

A second opinion should be taken from another plastic surgeon. Getting a second opinion, be it any surgery, is definitely a very good idea. Cosmetic procedures may be done in multiple ways. Thus, if a second plastic surgeon is consulted, it is helpful as it enables you to find out whether the plan of the plastic surgeon for the procedure is matching with common practices. If the surgeon has a problem with you taking a second opinion, then a new surgeon should be chosen.